Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen) True wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation and Alexa - White


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Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen) True wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation and Alexa - White

The Echo Buds themselves are short, rounded cylinders with nozzles extending at an angle for the ear tips. According to Amazon, they’re 21% smaller than the previous model, with shorter nozzles to improve ear comfort. The casings of the earpieces are covered in matte black or white plastic, with large touch-sensitive surfaces across the back panels. The touch surfaces provide basic controls, with one tap controlling play/pause, two taps skipping forward a track and answering/ending calls, three taps going back a track, and tapping and holding to switch between active noise cancellation and pass-through audio (which lets you hear your surroundings without removing the earpieces). You can change what the tap-and-hold gesture does through the Alexa app (available for Android and iOS), with different commands for either ear. This is the only way to enable any volume control on the Echo Buds, and if you want to have both volume up and volume down gestures enabled, you lose the ability to physically switch between ANC and pass-through audio modes. You can’t customize the tap gestures, but you can toggle them on and off.

A fit kit is included, with four different pairs of ear tips and two pairs of silicone sleeves with short ear fins in different sizes, to provide a comfortable, secure fit. You can use the Alexa app to perform an ear fit test, playing a tone and measuring how well the sound isolation is in your ears. I found the most comfortable fit with the extra-large ear tips and small fins, but I couldn’t get better than a “good” score on the ear fit test. In fact, I found the smaller design of the earphones to have a slightly harder time staying in my (slightly big) ears than the originals, but you may not have this problem depending on the size and shape of your ears.

Echo Buds are small, light, and sweat-resistant, with a secure, customizable fit that's made to move with you

Leave your phone in your pocket - Use your voice to make calls, set reminders, and add items to your shopping list
Dynamic audio and active noise cancellation (ANC) - Premium speakers deliver crisp, balanced sound. Sealed in-ear design and ANC limit background noise


Active Noise Cancellation: Yes

Connection Type: Bluetooth

True WirelessType: In-Canal

Water/Sweat-Resistant: Yes

Wireless: Yes



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