Garmin Forerunner 55 GPS Running Watch


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Garmin Forerunner 55 GPS Running Watch

Garmin GPS Running Smartwatch is designed for people of all skill levels to track their stats and chase their fitness goals. Lightweight and comfortable, this smartwatch is perfect for running and everyday life. The Forerunner 55 is a fuss-free running watch that monitors heart rate at the wrist and uses GPS to track your pace, distance, and more. It works with free Garmin Coach adaptive training plans that bring personal coaching to your wrist. Stay connected when you want to with notifications for texts and calls and feel secure with safety and tracking features that let you send your real-time location to emergency contacts. Whether you’re running a 5K or sweating it out during HIIT sessions, experience the ultimate in comfort with this sporty silicone band.

  • Wrist-Based Heart Rate: Get heart rate data1 along with alerts if your heart rate stays high while you’re at rest. Even gauge how hard your heart is working during activities.
  • Daily Suggested Workouts: For personalized training guidance, get daily run recommendations of varying intensities based on your training history, fitness level, and recovery time.
  • Pacepro Technology: To help you plan your race day strategy, this feature offers GPS-based pace guidance for a selected course or distance in the Garmin Connect app. So, you can tailor your efforts to what’s ahead.
  • Finish Time: Want some guidance to help you meet your goal? Select a distance for your run, and you’ll be able to see a data screen that shows your estimated finish time.
  • Track Run: When you’re ready to hit the track for some speedwork, use the built-in track run activity to record accurate lap distances and see your distances in meters.
  • Recovery Advisor: Giving your body time to recover between training sessions is crucial. After each workout, the built-in recovery time feature will let you know how long to rest before another big effort.
  • Race Predictor: This specialized tool takes into account your fitness level and training history to help you work toward your race goal and see the impact of training on your predicted finish time.


Track your body’s energy levels so you can find the best times for activity and rest, See when during the day you earned intensity minutes from moderate and vigorous physical activity



See how you’re breathing throughout the day, during sleep, and during breathwork activities


If you feel unsafe or if your watch senses that an incident occurred, assistance and incident detection features can send a message with your location to emergency contacts



Wearable Type: Watches
Fitness device type: Garmin Forerunner 55
Strap Size: Adjustable
Smart Watch: Yes
Pedometer: Yes
Distance: Yes
Accelerometer: Yes
GPS: Yes
Heart rate: Yes
Sleep Tracker: Yes
Calories burned: Yes
Alarm clock: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Phone CompatibilityMulti-device
Battery life: Smartwatch mode: Up to 2 weeks, GPS mode: Up to 20 hours
Rechargeable: Yes
Environmental protection: Water resistant



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