Sony PlayStation VR2


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Sony PlayStation VR2

Innovative PlayStation VR2 Sense technology brings emotion and immersion to life through subtle headset vibrations, 3D audio technology, and intelligent eye tracking, combined with finger touch detection, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers from the PS VR2 Sense controller. From tiny details to wide-open vistas, from realistic facial expressions to living, breathing futuristic worlds, the next-gen processing power of the PlayStation 5 console together with new optical features lets you witness every moment in stunning detail. Two 2000x2040 OLED displays deliver incredible 4K HDR visuals at up to 120fps, for 4x the resolution of the original PlayStation VR.

Express yourself to fellow players in new and lifelike ways with eye tracking that simulates heightened emotional responses from your in-game avatar, giving an enhanced sense of realism and personal interactions to co-op games or team chats in multiplayer games. Relish the details as foveated rendering brings in-game areas that your eyes focus on into amazing graphical fidelity—while making sure game performance stays stable. Feel an incredible sense of presence in virtual game environments with a 110-degree field of view, and an adjustable Fresnel lens that allows you to customize the spacing between lenses to match your eye position for an optimal onscreen image.

Immerse yourself in epic worlds that go beyond reality & Experience the next generation of virtual reality play with stunning 4k HDR visuals

Feel an incredible sense of presence in virtual game environments with a 110-degree field of view

Interact with virtual worlds in amazing new ways with haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, precision tracking, and finger touch detection - all integrated into a unique ergonomic design


Screen: 2000 x 2040 per eye

Sensor: 6-axis motion sensing system
(3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer)

Cameras: Tracking camera x4
(for VR headset, controller tracking)
IR camera x 2
(for eye tracking)

Input/Output: USB Type-C Connector

Audio: Input: Built-in microphone
Output: Stereo headphone jack

Input power rating: 12v 0.6A

External dimensions: Approx. 212 x 158 x 278mm
(width x height x depth / excluding projecting parts / at shortest headband length: Mass Approx. 560g (excluding cables)

Operating temperature: 5ºC - 35ºC

PlayStation VR2 Controller Specs

Input power rating: 5V 700mA

Battery type: Built-in lithium-ion battery

Battery voltage: 3.7 V

Battery capacity: 520 mAh Mass 
Approx. 168g

Operating temperature: 5ºC - 35ºC



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