Yaman M20 Photo Plus Prestige S - Black


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Yaman M20 Photo Plus Prestige S

  • This product is a facial beauty device that provides skin care through Ion Cleansing, EMS, Photo, Cool, DYHP, and Micro-current functions while warming the skin with Radio Frequency (hereinafter referred to as ʻRFʼ)
  • RF: Warming the skin to the deep layer* to prepare a better condition for the treatment.
  • Ion Cleansing: Absorbs dirt that cannot be removed with normal face washing with the power of ions.
  • EMS: Stimulates the muscles with an electrical current.
  • Photo: Treats your skin with LED Photo treatment.
  • Cooling: Tightens your skin with a cooling effect.
  • DYHP: The original wave helps lotion to permeate into* the skin.
  • Micro-current: Treats around the eye area with gentle electrical current.


Proprietary Technology: Equipped with a proprietary technology “ DYHP (Dynamic Hyper Pulse)”, cosmetic ingredients of polymer temporarily loosen the skin and also easily penetrates the skin” creating the environment.

Reliable Beauty Technology: With reliable beauty technology that improves “ water content”, “elasticity”, and “barrier function”, a comprehensive approach is put together in a simple 5 modes to function as an esthetic for all adult skin problems.

DYHP Technology: New technology DYHP enhances penetration of beauty components(Dynamic Hyper Pulse


Tightens your skin with a cooling effect


DYHP, Deep Level RF, and Three Types of LED Therapy


Achieves a Higher Level of Facial Care



Recommended Usage: CLEAN, MOISTURE, EMS UP, EYE CARE MODE : 2-3 time a week
COOL MODE : everyday

Size: Main body (with cotton stopper): approx. W50 × D55 × H190 mm

Weight: Approximately 270 grams

Charging Time: approx. 3 hours

Operating Time: approx. 40 minutes



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